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     The Departments Of the Federation Special Forces Division

Command Department:  The Command department is responsible for making decisions that will affect the Mission, the Ship, and Crew as a Whole. Command is the highest department , and will always make the final decision. Officers in the Command department have the authority to give out promotions and or demotions. Command initiates first contact and is in charge of keeping diplomatic relations with other races. 

Flight Control Department:  This department is made up of officers who are skilled in the utilization of major ship systems. These systems may include navigation, flight control, inertial dampening field, sensor arrays, deflector arrays, cloaking devices shuttlecrafts, and navigational arrays. This Department contains officers in charge of inputting course bearings and changes, as well as Propulsion systems Warp Drive and Slip Stream just to name a few. 

Strategic Operations Department: This department develops battle strategy, as well as keeping the CO, and XO, informed of anything militarily that could be a threat, or strategic in the galaxy that needs to be known. The Strategic Operations Officers works closely with Tactical, and Special Forces units in A Combat situation. 

Security/Tactical Department:  Security and Tactical are often times combined into one department that also works hand-in-hand with Engineering. This department is in charge of the military aspects of the ship or star base. It trains its officers in all known forms of combat, from ship to ship all the way down to hand to hand, as well as conducting holodeck drills and training exercises. It also maintains the weapons systems: Phasers, Torpedo Bays, and Shields. This department is in charge of developing new weapons, technologies, and battle strategies, with an out come of a strategic advantage. 

 Engineering Department:  Engineering  maintains and upgrades all of the ship's systems and technology. Engineering keeps the vessel Functional by controlling Weapons, Shields, Inertial Dampeners, Hull Armour, Structural Integrity, EPS relays, Cloaking Devices, and every other key system that exists on board the ship. This Department is also in charge of all repairs and upgrades as a whole. It can get very Dangerous conducting repairs in a combat situation.

Science Department: This department organizes the scientific aspects of the mission. It is in charge of Astrometrics, Astrophysics, Biology (both Exobiology and Microbiology), Chemistry (Analytical and Physical), Interstellar Phenomenon, Cybernetics, Geology, and Stellar scanning systems. This Department uses Sensors, Probes, Laboratories and other Special Facilities to perform Scans of Planetary Systems, Stellar Items and Life Forms. This department conducts research and development with an out come of Technical and Technological Advances For the entire Federation.
Medical Department:  The Medical department maintains  the well-being and health of the crew. They utilizes Sickbay Facilities, and medical Laboratories, also specially designed medical instruments. This department is also in charge of overseeing medicinal allocations and medical advances in Surgical Procedures.

 Recruitment: This department goes out and engages in active recruitment of members. As a rule the new recruited members must remain in the clan and stay active for a duration of four weeks. At this point the recruiter will earn 5 points. Please note: You don't have to be part of this department for this rule to apply. This applies to all members...

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