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                 Star Fleet Special Forces Roster Elite Force


              Name                             Rank          Position          Race  Gender Email
 Fleet Admiral Riker 



   Fleet Admiral 

In Command of The Federation Forces/2nd in Command of CMSF     Terran     Male  
   Fleet Captain   


     Fleet Captain

In Command of the  Klingon Forces in this sector     Klingon   Male  

   We here at Clan CMSF in Star Fleet Command are now working on expanding into Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. If you would like to join this new and exciting section of our clan please send us some email at starfleet33@hotmail,com  or leave a message on our forum.

     You will need to have MSN Messenger so we all can communicate together, also we are working on setting up a voice program so we can talk in the game. 

              Live Long and Prosper  

                    Fleet Admiral Riker 



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