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The Ranks of The United Federation Of Planets 

Starfleet follows a simple system of rank Protocols. This Page will inform you on the following Rank Standards: All Star Fleet, Klingon, Marines, and The Star Fleet Marines Detachment.

1 Melee Win = 1 point

1 Ladder Win = 2 Points

Each 1st and 15th of the month the website will be updated with your new rank IF YOU REPORT VIA EMAIL YOUR NEW POINTS!!!!!

Every New Member (Unless Accepted as an Officer or Other Rank) Will Start Off As A "New Recruit" with Zero (0) Points. 


Flag, and Commissioned Officers Ranks Below

 Please Note: All Flag Offer Ranks from points +750 to +1800 can only be attained by special appointment. A Vote must be taken by the senior staff (5 Officer/Flag Officers) 

 Also Note: As of this point Date 07/25/03 all Officer ranks from +130 to +500 can only be attained by there points standings and a vote taken by Senior Staff (5 Officer/Flag Officers)

 Point Status: 1 Melee Win = 1 Point, 1 Ladder Win = 2 points

Position  Star Fleet/Naval Abbreviat Klingonese  Klingon Rank Points Position Marines Abbreviat
Fleet Admiral FAdm. yo' 'aj Kling-Gen.JPG (3136 bytes) +1800 Field Marshal FMar.
Admiral Adm. yo' 'aj Kling-Gen.JPG (3136 bytes) +1500 General Gen.
Vice-Admiral VAdm. wa'DIch 'aj Kling-Brig.JPG (2865 bytes) +1250 Lieutenant-General Lt. Gen.
Rear-Admiral RAdm. cha'DIch 'aj Kling-Col.JPG (2668 bytes) +1000 Major-General MGen.
Commodore Comdor. totlh Kling-Maj.JPG (2517 bytes) +750 Brigadier-General BGen.
Captain Capt. HoD Kling-Capt.JPG (2754 bytes) +500 Colonel G-Col.JPG (3265 bytes) Col.
Commander Cdr. ra'wI' Kling-Cdr.JPG (2611 bytes) +300 Lieutenant-Colonel G-LtCol.JPG (2969 bytes) Lt. Col.
Lieutenant-Commander Lt. Cdr. ra'wI' Sogh Kling-Lt.JPG (2471 bytes) +250 Major G-Maj.JPG (3060 bytes) Maj.
Lieutenant Lt. Sogh Kling-W3.JPG (2570 bytes) +200 Marine-Captain G-MCapt.JPG (2818 bytes) MCapt.
Lieutenant-Junior Grade Lt. (jg). Sogh lagh Kling-W2.JPG (2437 bytes) +150 1st Lieutenant G-1Lt.JPG (2694 bytes) 1Lt.
Ensign Ens. lagh Kling-W1.JPG (2508 bytes) +130 2nd Lieutenant G-2Lt.JPG (2758 bytes) 2Lt.


Enlisted Officers Ranks Below


Naval Rank Insignia Abbreviation Points Marine Rate Insignia Abbreviation
Command Master Chief CMC +100 Command Sergeant Major CSMaj.
Master Chief Petty Officer MCPO +85 Sergeant Major SMaj.
Senior Chief Petty Officer SCPO +65 Master Sergeant MSgt.
Chief Petty Officer CPO +50 Gunnery Sergeant GSgt.
Petty Officer 1st Class PO1 +40 Staff Sergeant SSgt.
Petty Officer 2nd Class PO2 +30 Sergeant Sgt.
Petty Officer 3rd Class PO3 +20 Corporal Cpl.
Crewman CM +15 Lance Corporal LCpl.
Crewman Apprentice CMA +10 Private 1st Class Pvt 1.
Crewman Recruit CMR +5 Private Pvt.
Chef   CF   0 Chef   CF


Star Fleet Academy Ranks Below


Cadet 4th Year C4 T4 Cadet 4th Year C4
Cadet 3rd Year C3 T3 Cadet 3rd Year C3
Cadet 2nd Year C2 T2 Cadet 2nd Year C2
Cadet 1st Year C1 T1 Cadet 1st Year C1

                                                   Please note: This academy offers 4 different courses of study 

                                          (1)Leadership  (2)Dedication  (3) Logistical Training   (4) Combat Training

New Programs that is now in Place;

OTS-Officers Training Program: Any and all members who are currently in an Enlisted Offices Rank and wish to become Officers now have the opportunity to undergo a 4 week Officer Training Program in which you will receive instruction on Leadership, Dedication, Skill, and Logistics. In week one you will be designated as Cadet Level 1, week two you will be Cadet Level 2, and so on. Upon completion of week 4 you will receive a commission for either Ensign (for Naval Divisions) or 2nd LT (For Marine Divisions) or as the Klingon Equivalent.