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Registry:    NX-59650,    NCC-59755,   NCC-59888

Name: USS Prometheus, USS Royal,  USS Sentinel

Class: Star Ship Prometheus       

Class Type: Military 

Height: 90 meters

Length: 230 meters

Width: 45 meters


Cargo Capacity:

Number of Decks:

Officers: 150

Crew: 300


Main Ships Phasers: 16 arrays

Phaser Type: Type XII 7.2 MW Phaser arrays

Torpedo Launchers: 4 Torpedo Bays, 2 fore, 2 aft.

 Stock: 250 Quantum Torpedo


Warp Reactor Type:

Normal Cruise Speed: Warp 6

Max Cruising Speed: Warp 9.995

Impulse Drive: Standard units

Shuttles: 20 Standard Shuttlecraft

New and unique features of this Star Ship 

The Prometheus class star ship is one of the most advanced ships in the Federation. The fist vessel in this class the USS Prometheus NX-59650 that was an experimental prototype. This class Star Ship was designed for deep space tactical assignments, and employs systems that are cutting edge Federation Technology. Now there are 3 of these specially designed advanced Star Ships in use by the Federation Special Forces Unit.  

Advanced Design

The Prometheus shares the same basic design of larger Star Fleet vessels, with two main hull sections, and warp nacelles that are supported by outriggers. The Ship has a stretched diamond-shaped saucer section, and like Constellation upgraded class Star Ships is equipped with four warp nacelles.  

Weapons, Tactical, and  Engineering

 When The Prometheus was first launched it was the fastest ship in Star Fleet, with a sustainable cruising velocity of warp 9.995. It has advanced tactical system, and is equipped with the most advanced phasers and torpedoes. This vessel also has regenerative shielding and ablative armor. Most significantly the Prometheus class star ship is capable of multivector assault: the ship is actually made up of three distinct modules, each of which is heavily armored. In the multivector assault mode, the three modules separate and attack there target, this makes the Prometheus a formidable weapon that can disable an enemy with ease.  

The Prometheus class Star Ship has the new Mark II EMH program as well as holo emitters on every deck. The Prometheus has the newest computer system and all other components were made from scratch for this ship. Its weapons systems and shield technology is remarkable.

Here is what the ship looks like while in Multi Vector Assault Mode