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  Welcome To The Federation's Special Forces

    We are a Christian Gaming clan of StarCraft, and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. We are A Division of Clan CMSF The Colonial Marine Strike Force - Commanded by: Fleet Admiral Riker  

Mission Briefing Of The Special Forces Division

We are an Elite  Tactical Special Missions Force. We use Stealth and Clandestine Methods of Operation. Our purpose is to Right that which is Wrong, and To free the oppressed.  We fight for Freedom and Justice for The Federation and Her Allies. With use of Logic and Technology that we acquire from all the known universe.   Upon USS Voyagers return from the Delta Quadrant and in view of the recent Dominion wars, The Federation Council has given approval for Star Fleet Command to assemble This Elite Tactical Special Missions Force. The Defense and preservation of the Federation is paramount.


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In Memory of The Space Shuttle Columbia and her Crew lost during

re-entry into Earth's atmosphere on Feb. 1, 2003 



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