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This Class ship has been called the most heavily armed warship in the Quadrant, and this is a fact. For a ship of its size it is so to speak one moving warhead, capable of taking out dozens of heavily armed Enemies without much damage to itself. This has been seen on several occasions, including the Klingon incident at DS9, The Borg incursion into sector 001, Dogfighting with Jem Hadar warships and of course the Cardassian incident when it was hijacked. The tactical advantage of The Defiant Class War Ship is due to its size and unusual design, not to mention its heavily upgraded weapons systems and armer.

However the Defiant is not the only ship in Starfleet to have the new weapons systems. Although the Defiant was the test class for the new weapons systems, many were incorporated fleet wide. These weapons systems include specifically Quantum Torpedoes, and High End Tri-Cobalt devices. These weapons systems were developed by Starfleet to combat the Borg threat and more recently the Jem Hadar.