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     All of us that are members of this clan are here for one very important reason and that  is to have fun, and A great deal of it. We are striving to developed an exciting gaming and social environment where a sense of belonging and extreme enjoyment can be achieved. With that in mind, we have a few rules and regulations in place, to provide us with this structure. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations can cause you to be banned from clan chat channels, demoted in rank, or even get Dishonorably Discharged from this Clan!!!

             SECTION 1 General Rules 

   I. I will always behave in a manner that brings credit to my Fleet, my Ship, my Crew, my Clan, my Team Mates, and  to Myself.

   II.  I will be resolute in the performance of my duties and the execution of Fleet policy and regulations.

   III. I will never assume, but always verify.

   IV. I will always defuse Confrontations, and Not Cause Them.

   V. I will always strive to be Part of the solution, not part of the problem.

  VI. I will listen to both sides of a dispute and act upon the facts, not intuition or assumption.

  VII. I will strive for impartiality and fairness in judgment, and disqualify myself from decisions where my judgment may be compromised.

  VIII. I will be the first to praise, the last to criticize.


              SECTION 2 Mandatory RULES-MUST Follow At All Times

   I. I will show Courtesy and Respect to my Subordinates, Officers, and Superior Officers at All Times.

       Subsection 1 - I will not make fun of or insult another Officer within this clan.

   II. I will NEVER use Foul Language in clan chat channels or in clan games!

       Subsection 1 - I will NEVER use the Lord's name in vain.

       Subsection 1.5 - I will NEVER use the abbreviation OMG It can be interpreted as using the Lord's name in Vain.

       Subsection 2 - I will not use abbreviations of Foul words or even the like so no one can miss interpret it for the wrong thing. I will use plain text to say what I intend.

   III. I will never Back Stab another Member or  non member unless attacked first while in a game.

       Subsection 1 - I will never leave my team or crew mates in the middle of a game, unless I get killed and can not help it... 


             SECTION 3 Recruiting : for select personnel only

   I. You must be authorized by Admiral Riker himself  for Recruiting

   II.(General Rule) - If you are going to use a Bot while on Battle Net, you must Follow these Rules; 

     Subsection 1 Request Permission from Admiral Riker or CMSF-DarthMaul to have it in the main Clan Channel 

     Subsection 2 if used for recruiting you "as the bot's owner" must be present with in the main Clan  Channel to be able to talk with the new people that pop in.(You must be authorized by Admiral Riker himself  for Recruiting) 

  III. You must brief the new people on an over all view of our clan. 

  IV. A person can NOT be in 2 clans at the same time. (There loyalty will be divided in this case..).

  V. Every one must read and agree to this Code of Conduct ( The Clan Laws Sections 1 and 2 )

  VI. Every potential member must then be screened and evaluated by  Fleet Admiral Riker


              STAR FLEET SECURITY  have the 

                        following protocols  in place


    I. First Offense of any of these Rules and regulations = being talked to by the Security Officer and if not complying, being banned from the clan chat channels for a limited time period   

    II. Second Offense = being banned from the clan channels for a longer duration of time determined by the Star Fleet Security Officers 

   III. Third Offense = Demotion in Rank by A Clan Leader and pending a board of inquiry by the Star Fleet Command Council for the possible court martial of this officer <> At this point it is completely up to the clan leaders and the Star Fleet Council...

    IV. Forth Offense = Automatic Court martial <> You will be banned from the clan (You DON'T Want to be here)


     Please Note: CMSF-DarthMaul is in Command of Star Fleet Security Forces, He only answers to Fleet Admiral Riker  in Regards to Security matters.

     Also Note: It is best to obey the clan Rules and Regulations. They are in place for the good of the clan... 


This code was put into effect on star date: 200303.26

         Updated on  star date: 200401.03