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            Personal and Divisional Information Of Fleet Admiral Riker 



A little about our Commanding officer;

    Fleet Admiral Riker cares greatly for each and every Officer that is under his command. In a combat situation He would gladly sacrifice himself then let even one of his officers get killed or captured. He has demonstrated extreme Courage, Selflessness, and Valor in the face of extreme Danger. He encourages  the same from all his Officers. 

       Also as Commanding Officer of the Federation forces he is Authorized To Promote and give his troops awards. He Encourages Loyalty, Commitment, Courage, Bravery, Valor, and Integrity just to name a few among his troops. 


                       Fleet Admiral Riker's Service Record & Awards Page






  -This is my Current Rank

                     Fleet Admiral 

  On Line in StarCraft you can find me listed as:

 CMSF-Cap_Riker or CommanderRiker new FleetAdml_Riker

  Admiral Riker's Email Address is

     -Will be updated upon Increase in Rank or Awards Presented-







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