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  General Info:
Vessel Classification:   Fighter Craft
Vessel Design:   Missile Boat
Manufactured By:   Federation StarFleet Special Service R&D; Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars
Mass (Metric Tons):   50
STD Range:   1 Year at L.Y.V.
Maximum Safe Cruising Speed:   Warp 7.0
Maximum Emergency Speed:   Warp 9.0
Maximum TransWarp Capable Speed:   Warp 13
Maximum Sublight Speed:   Full Impulse
Phasers:   6 Pulse Fire Cannons, V Type
Photon Torpedoes:   4 Class 1 Micro Tubes, +75 Type 8 Micro Torps
Quantum Torpedoes:   2 Micro Rapid Fire Tubes, + 50 Type 3 Micro Torps
Hyperion Warheads:   N/A
Graviton Distortion Wave:   N/A
AntiMatter Spread:   N/A
Length Overall - Meters:   20
Decks:   2
Crew:   4
Escape Pod Units:   1
Computer Core:   Mark 90; LCARS HUD Interface
Hull:   Tritanium Single
Armor:   1 Centimeters Ablative Armor
Shields:   Remodulative
Shield Generators:   2 Class 05 (Omnishield)

1 Class 02 (Cockpit)

1 Class 02 Modulator
Metaphasic Shielding:   Yes
Planetary Landing Capability:   Yes
Cloaking Device:   Yes
Maximum Warp Core Output:   16,770 AmbiWatts
Sensors:   Primary, Tactical
Shuttlecraft Count:   0
Shuttle Bays:   0
Tractor Beam Emitters:   1
Deflector Dish Power:   2,046 AmbiWatts
Subspace Radio:   StarFleet Standard
Traditional Radio:   RF Transceivers
Structural Integrity Field:   Class A
Environment:   Class M
Personnel Transporters:   1
High Volume Emergency Transporters:   0
Molecular Cargo Transporters:   0
Mass Transporters:   0

Additional Info:

  Class Profile:   Enhanced Deterrence Fighter (Gunboat)
Notes:   This Class Fighter was created for StarFleet Special Forces Division. It is equipped with a cloaking device and is very maneuverable. 

The request was for StarFleet R&D to create a heavy fighter, capable of packing large amounts of firepower.

The fighter, since created under a banner similar to the Defiant, was named the Boyington class in honor of Major Boyington, commander of the Black Sheep corsair squadron during the battle of 2527; a spitfire with a hair trigger and incredible maneuverability.

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